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(In India- U/S 45 of Indian Evidence Act)

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We are Experienced, Certified and Legal Experts, Our Organization IFS INDIA is Registered with Govt. of India, LLP, MCA and ISO 9001-2008 Certified, We provides all type of Forensic Science services including- Forensic Expert Opinions Under Section 45 of Indian Evidence Act on Questioned Document & Handwriting Analysis, Signature Frauds and Forgery, Fingerprints Lifting and Verification, Forged Documents Examination, Paper/Document Age Analysis, Will, Deed, Property Document and Paper Examination & Verifications, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crimes, Cross Examination, Expert Testimony, Expert Consultation, Medico Legal Consultation, Legal Consultancy and many more...

IFS is appointed as "Court Commissioner", Govt. Certified, and Internationally acceptable, (so don't worry about acceptability and recognitions...), for more details please visit www.forensic.co.in

We also provides forensic science services like- Forensic Science Standardization, Forensics Certification, Forensic Science Education, IFS Organization Memberships, Forensics Publication, Legal Consultancy, Web Security, Crime Investigation and Prevention, Biometrics, Industrial and Domestic Security, Cyber Security, Network Security, Forensic Awareness Programmes, Web Designing, Web Hosting, Forensic Science Research, Development and many more...

All Our Expert Opinions/Reports are acceptable and Valid in every court of India and abroad
(In India- U/S 45 of Indian Evidence Act) and All Our issued Certificates are authenticated, valid and legal.

IFS INDIA is a GROUP AND PANEL OF FORENSIC EXPERTS, FORENSIC SCIENTISTS, INVESTIGATORS, ORGANIZATIONS AND PRIVATE FORENSIC LAB SERVICES, IFS INDIA have certified and experienced experts in many cities of India and abroad, All our experts, investigators and scientists are highly qualified in their field, some of them having 15 to 40 years work experience; Each member of our staff is also trained, certified and experienced. They works harder, faster and honestly for your cases and provides opinion for court which are acceptable according to Indian Evidence Act, Under Section-45.

CONFIDENTIALITY: We are committed to protecting the privacy of all our clients. Your identity, along with what we do on your behalf, is kept absolutely discreet and confidential.



  • Questioned Documents Examination, Handwriting Examination, Examination of charred document, Disguised signatures, Insurance Certificates, Bank Fraud, Cross Examination, Forged signature, Typewriting Analysis, Credit Cards and Cheque Frauds, Paper & ink examination, Anonymous Letters, Threatening letters, Wrongful Termination from Job / Organization, Finger Prints Investigation, Fingerprint Lifting, Fingerprint Development, Forensic photography, Fingerprint Chart for- VISA / Passport, Will Documents, Deed, Property Document and Paper Examination, Verifications and other related to this area...


  • Cyber Forensic, Evidence Recovery, E-Discovery, E-mail Tracking, IP Tracking, MMS Video Clip Examination & Verification, Video Tempering Analysis, Audio Tempering Examination, Voice Alteration Verification, Web Tracking, Data Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, Formatted Disk Recovery, Virus Attack Investigation, Hacking Investigation, Web Security, Cyber Security, Document Security, Digital Signatures, E-mail Security, Computer Security, Network Security, Hard Disk Imaging, Disk Snap, Forensic Data Collection, Wrongful Termination from Job / Organization, Cyber Security, Internet Crimes, Software Piracy, Hardware Theft, Data Duplication, Replication, Cloning, Searching Specific Keyword or Term in Computer Disks, Tracking User Activity on Computer, User History and other related this field...


  • Background Check, Insurance Claims Investigation, Employee Investigations, Bank Theft Investigation, Pre / Post Matrimonial Enquiries, Love affairs and Divorce Cases, Copy Right Investigations, Expert Consultation, Recovery of Stolen Goods, Crime Scene Investigation, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Trace Evidence Collection, Medico Legal Consultation, Drugs and Chemicals Testing, Consumer Frauds Cases, DNA Testing, Polygraph Test, Lie Detection, Previous Employments Verification, Expert Testimony, Expert evidences, Cross Examination, Education Verification, Criminal Background Verification, Intellectual Property Cases, Facial Reconstruction, Reference Verification, Asset Verification, Certificate Verification, Firearm Cases, Ballistics, Explosives, Arson Cases, Domestic Violence, Environmental Crime, Homicide, Murder, Kidnapping, Suicide, Sex Crimes / Rape Cases, Torture Cases, Motor Vehicle Theft, Robbery, Vehicle Accident, Industrial Accident, Private Detectives and Other Cases

  • FBI Fingerprint Card for VISA, Immigration- FBI, State Police Clearance:

  • Fingerprint Experts- We provide FBI and State Police Fingerprinting for VISA, Immigration, Background Checks, State Police Clearance, Job Applications, Education / Admission Purpose etc...  in USA, UK, CANADA and other Countries on a Valid, Standard and Special Cards e.g. FD 258 card


  • We offers you Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) as Licensed Registration Authority (LRA), authorized by Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA), Government of India, to issue various types of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC). Used for E-tendering / e-bidding, Railways and E-procurement Government organization / companies / departments etc. For more details and Application click here

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