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We at IFS INDIA provides Fingerprinting for VISA, Immigration, Background Checks, State Police Clearances, Job Applications, Admission Purposes etc required for FBI / RCMP or other countries... in USA, UAE, UK, CANADA and other Countries on a Valid, Standard Special Fingerprint Cards e.g. FD 258 card etc.

Our training experts will provide you best, assured and reliable fingerprinting services so you will not face any troubles during your VISA process etc.

We have faster processing options where you will get fingerprinting results within few days. IFS provides more convenient & sophisticated fingerprinting services for you, we are more accurate and trained enough to take quality fingerprints clearly and make sure the clear enough to go through the all quality checks of FBI / RCMP or any other international agencies.

We provide fingerprinting services for - Antigua & Barbuda, Australia, Arizona, Argentina, Bahrain, Botswana, Canada, California, China, Fiji, Georgia, Ghana, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Italy, illinois, Jamaica, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Maldives, Malaysia, New Jersey, Nigeria, Pennsylvania, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, United States, United Kingdom, Uganda, UAE, Venezuela, Washington, Wallis and Futuna and many more...

For more details please visit - www.fbifingerprinting.in

- FBI Fingerprinting for FD 258 card,
- RCMP Fingerprints for Canada on C216 Card,
- State Police Clearances and Information Check,
- Law Enforcement Agencies and Background Check,
- For Immigration & Foreign Travel Visa,
- Fingerprinting for FINRA or Medical Licenses,
- PCC from all Countries etc.

For more details please visit - www.fbifingerprinting.in

IFS is appointed as "Court Commissioner", Govt. Certified, and Internationally acceptable, (so don't worry about acceptability and recognitions...), for more details please visit - www.forensic.co.in

CALL US- 0 90 11 864 864,   020 412 64 864

(Contact Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM, [Monday to Saturday])

For more details please visit - www.fbifingerprinting.in


IFS INDIA : Contact -

Address : IFS, Office No. 30, C Wing, Sixth Floor, K K Market, Dhankawadi, Pune - 411 043.

E-mail :    support@forensic.co.in

Phone :    93 83 100 100
                  90 11 864 864

Phone :    020 - 412 64 864
                  97 97 100 100

CONFIDENTIALITY : We are committed to protecting the privacy of all our clients. Your identity, along with what we do on your behalf, is kept absolutely discreet and confidential.